Bespoke Spanish shoemaker, Ramon Cuberta, has recently launched a new range for this Autumn/Winter season. It’s a range that blends his bepsoke with RTW service by offering a Handwelted MTO shoe. He told me that his passion lies in the handmaking side of things so he wants to slowly move away from factory-made RTW and go more into offering Handwelted MTO shoes where he can blend the best of the two worlds.

The new line up consists of 10 models

  • 4 oxfords
  • 4 derbies
  • 1 monkstrap
  • 1 button shoe

I think that this is a good move for Ramon so that he can focus on his passion and thus not dilute his skills with factory-made shoes that do not live up to the quality and edge that his bespoke and MTO shoes posses.

At the same time, he has moved his workshop to a little bit outside of the city in order to be closer to his family, which is very understandable.

If you are ever in the beautiful city, please do give Ramon a visit and in meanwhile, do not hesitate to get in touch with him via email for one of these beauties. His adelaide design (above) has always been one of my favorites, for its character and uniqueness.

A beautiful weekend to all!

-Justin FitzPatrick

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