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It’s always great to see creativity at work and to see what people are coming up with, in this ever-changing world of shoes. One of the latest and greatest toarrive to the industry is Norman Vilalta’s new completely handmade shoe collection, the ‘1202 Heritage.’ Fusing his bespoke shoemaking background with a semi Ready Made product for you to buy at the drop of a dime is Norman’s latest idea to give people the best of the best in a matter of seconds (i.e. without having to travel for measurements and fittings and being able to make purchase online)

This is quite a project for a small artisan as making a fully handmade pair of shoes is no easy feat and takes quite a bit of time. That being, he is starting off conservatively with the two black oxfords that you see in this post. And if I am to understand the IG posts correctly, these other two more colorful models are soon to come.

There are some very attractive features to ordering a pair of these shoes, all of which are explained far more in-depthat Parisian Gentleman who has been in collaboration with launching this exquisite collection.

If you are confident in a purchase, you can go straight to shopping at the following link:

Enjoy and a great weekend to all!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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