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Radek Zachariáš
The question is how many bespoke shoemakers are there in the world? I reckon about 150-200, maybe even more if we think about the ones that are in China and India (yes they do exist) that we have never, nor will ever hear about. The beauty of Instagram is that we actually now have the chance to discover them, as the ones that can’t make a website, will at least have an Instagram account. You simply search the hashtags that revolve around shoes and you discover all kind of things, including Mr.Radek Zachariáš who is one of the Czech Republic’s top shoemakers. While the website might not give his shoes much justice, if you look through his Instagram account, you will see that he makes a very nice shoe and with some very nice last shapes. But they are bespoke only. Prices, fitting with the rest of the Eastern Europe block, will start at €1620, but go down from there €360 for the rest of your pairs. So subsequent ones are only €1260. Not bad!

Radek Zachariáš Radek Zachariáš Radek Zachariáš

2 thoughts on “Radek Zachariáš – Czech Bespoke Maker”

  1. I like those a lot. The toe shape is interesting, not sure I’ve seen creases like those before. I didn’t notice the read welt stitching at first – very cool indeed.

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