More Boldness Getting Made
Gaziano & Girling

Maybe its just because I spend a lot of my time on Instagram but I am starting to see a lot of bold shoes these days made as MTO/Bespoke for clients and it’s quite refreshing. And its not so much bright colors or anything like that, but more two toned (even tonal) shoes, button shoes, multiple textured shoes and styles that are outside of your average oxford. For example, the Adelaide oxford is becoming more and more prevalent which is great because I find it so much more appealing than the classic cap toe. The separate facing, although nothing out of the ordinary, really provides the opportunity to play around with the pattern and create many different and interesting variations. Here are to more adelaides, two toned and button shoes/boots. Slowly but surely we are getting there!!!

More Boldness Getting Made
Saint Crispins, courtesy of Leffot
More Boldness Getting Made
Gaziano & Girling, courtesy Skoaktiebolaget

3 thoughts on “More Boldness Getting Made”

  1. i’ve always been a huge fan of mixed tones and textures. what im not a fan of are the price tags that come with these shoes.

    note to self: earn more money to afford all these shoes.


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