Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps

Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps

The Paul Parkman brand as a lot of shoes that are quite ‘out there.’ But if you actually look carefully, they also have a lot of shoes that have classic cuts, designs, shapes, and making. On top of that, when you sift through a lot of the prints, wild colors, and whatnot, you also find some beautiful genuine croc leather in lovely patina colors, as well as other exotic leathers in quite discreet make-ups. I quite like a few of their monkstraps that are accented with exotic leathers, most specifically the highlighted pair, above, as well as the one in blue/brown (below), which is really something special.

Paul Parkman was one of the first Turkish-made footwear brands to come onto the high-end footwear scene, and while I know that their taste is not for all, they do have some very nice things in their collection.  On top of that, their shoes are extremely sturdy and will last a long time, assuming one cares for their footwear.

Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps

I have a pair of boots in the works that I am quite excited about, but after scouring the sight to gain inspiration for my color combo on the boots, I am now thinking that next spring I might have to commission one of these two models that I really like in this post. That brown/burgundy color is subline. And that two tone brown/blue below is something incredible. It would for sure be the boldest thing that I have. But as a jean boy, I think that it would get a lot of use on the weekends 😉

Find your pair here:

***Disclaimer: Paul Parkman is one of the blog’s supporters and pays for advertising services. I do not, however, write about brands that I do not believe in, whether in terms of quality, design or people. I would also not promote something that I would not wear myself.***


Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps Paul Parkman Exotic Monkstraps

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  1. Parkman’s are great because they use different skins and cuts instead of just adding paint and calling it a unique style

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