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Last post it was teal shoes, and now it is grey boots. That’s what happens when you have 60 pairs of black and a thousand shades of brown. You then start getting intrigued by unique colors that fill a hole/gap in your collection. While I have always liked the idea of grey leather shoes/boots, it was not until this newer trend of making it mixed with black, like a black museum, started to become more prevalent that I really became intrigued.

You see, this color that we call grey can also be seen as a black museum or black patina, so to speak. Because the reality is that black can only be black. The second you shade it down with lighter patches, it becomes grey essentially. But it can still give off the feeling of black. Does that make sense?

These new grey boots by Paul Parkman do just as I describe above. It is a dark grey but gives the illusion of a shaded black. And that’s why they are so cool, in my very humble opinion. If these were a light grey solid color, I would probably not like them in the slightest. But this antiqued look is something that looks great in that more dress casual style that I always find myself in, which is probably the case for many of you too.

Being a denim lover, I could easily see these as the smart casual option to a daily boot, especially with that commando-style sole they use that gives you ruggedness, comfort, and durability. All good for stomping around in the colder months.

Grey Boots

I have personally been wearing a lot of this style of grey color lately and find that it helps to give you an alternative to wearing your black footwear. Sometimes one finds black too formal so don’t want to wear it casually but want to dress casually. So what do they do? Well, this dark grey gives you that perfect alternative where you can wear those muted colors in your attire, and this dark grey in your feet region without having to go full black calf.

While Paul Parkman sometimes makes shoes that I would not dream of wearing, I see them more and more heading in the more classic direction and that is what I like. These boots could fit into any classic shoe brand collection, but most aren’t daring enough to make unique colors. That’s where Paul Parkman fits in nicely!

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Grey Boots

3 thoughts on “Grey Brogued Boots by Paul Parkman”

  1. Just a nice looking boot that would work for dress for casual. Lots of grey-black patinas out there, but this has random pattern look and more of the brush strokes. Nice.

  2. Great looking Boot, well crafted and put together, the color is dope and unique, I like the boot , very interested in purchasing.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thnks for sharing William. You can purchase them at the link provided directly in the text at the bottom of the post. All details about how to find the shoes will always be there

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