Purple Kiltie Monks by Paul Parkman

Purple Kiltie Monks by Paul Parkman

2019 showed us a lot of Purple shoes. As Instagram grows, and people’s closets do too, we found that purple shoes came around more so then than any time before. Once you get enough black’s, brown’s and burgundy’s in your wardrobe you start thinking about the other possibilities that can be achieved. It would appear that this happened to many, as my own brand did at least 5-10 purple MTO shoes in 2019. And I am just a small brand, so imagine the big ones that have massive MTO programs. This brings us to Paul Parkman, the king of colors. They probably offer the most extensive color/leather/MTO program there is. Now it won’t be for everyone but if you are someone truly looking for something different than Paul Parkman is a good option as they have many unique models and pairings of leather/suede/exotic.

I have always had a soft spot for Kiltie wingtips monks. One of my favorite shoes in the industry is the version by Saint Crispins, one that will be out of my price range for a long time. So naturally, when I saw this purple kiltie wingtop monk by Paul Parkman, I was thoroughly intrigued. I won’t lie, I don’t own a pair of purple shoes but I am the perfect candidate for a person that is ready for one as all of the other colors in the spectrum are pretty much covered barring orange and pink. But I do like purple. Often men associate it with femininity but the reality is that Regal Purple is actually a strong masculine color that they used to promote royalty in the ages of Kings of Queens in Europe. The coolest Ferrari I ever saw, was a Regal Purple one in Florence, Italy, the same color as their football squad Fiorentina.

So, if you are like me and are looking for that next, special color of shoes in your life, check out what Paul Parkman can do and if you are really feeling bold, grab one of these purple Kiltie wingtip monks!

For those of you who do not know Paul Parkman, feel free to read my review on their shoes HERE


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