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With great cobblers and amazing patina artists, no shoes are lost.

These pictures are proof of that. With an error created on a pair of Meermin wholecuts, which resulted in a hole in the leather and stripping of the museum calf, most people might have had their heart sink to their stomach. But with the help of Greg Park, aka Hancore, who resides in NYC sharing a shop with my brand, the shoes were just needing some expert TLC. And Greg did just that, with a fresh patina and doing his best to cover that gaping hole.

It’s impressive to actually see how a shoe can be so drastically turned around from looking absolutely lost to a brand new pair of shoes. And this museum patina that Hancore does is very cool, as you get the museum effect, but also get a lot more depth to it with a bunch of colored undertones. And this light olive patina is very intriguing too. I only have one pair of olive-colored shoes and it is a light suede, but never had a leather shoe in any olive tones. Think that I might have to commission a patina myself!

Hancore Patina pricing and contact can be Found Here

And he does all leather goods and shoe brands. See also, below a beautiful bag he did too.

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