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I have always believed that the more options that you give someone to look at, the more likely they will be able to make a choice (on the rare occasion they get confused). That goes for a RTW stock or even showing samples for taking an MTO order. To be quite frank, from my experience, most men (not all, simply most) can’t picture something in their head and then choose it. More often than not, I have noticed that people will order what they can see, even if you tell them that they can have whatever color they want. That is why I started my collection with 29 SKU’s. Had I only started with 4 models in 2 colors each (8 SKU’s) I am not sure if I would be where I am today. And that is what I like about Barbanera’s updated website. They lay it all out there for you to see, to make it easy for you. And that is precisely what it does, also because leather is hard to appreciate on a swatch but shows so much more clearly (and realistically) when made up on a shoe.

So it was great of them to show every colorway they had nearly ever made for each of their shoe models. Have a gander and you definitely won’t be less than astonished by what you see, as this is only a fraction of the greatness!!

–On a few more notes, for those of you in Taiwan, Septieme Largeur has just opened a new franchise shop there. Email SL in France for more details and go check it out!

Here are the details:

No 10,lane 23 ,Rui ‘an ST ,
Da,an Dist, Taipei 106 Taiwan

–For those of you in London, remember that Phillip Car and his brand, Saint Crispins will be hosting a 3 day trunk show at Drake’s on Clifford st. (just off of Savile Row). If you have yet to see/try the shoes, don’t miss this opportunity as it just might be the last….just saying

–And lastly but certainly not least, to all of those that have partaken in my collaboration with Dandy Shoe Care. While more than 50% of the stock has already been sold, there still are sizes UK6, Uk6.5, UK7.5, UK8, UK10.5 and UK12. If you happen to be one of those sizes and am contemplating this, don’t miss out as once they are gone, they are gone.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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