More Denim in Shoes – This time by Barbanera!

More Denim in Shoes - This time by Barbanera!

For me, it’s always nice to see denim being used in shoes. Usually you find it paired with brown, but Barbanera decided to do something a bit different this time and put it with a black shoe. Many people might not think that black leather and denim would suit each other so well as black leather is usually seen as quite formal and denim being the ultimate in casual, but as this shoe as a model is quite casually smart, I think the whole ensemble goes quite well together. And things like this, really tell me that the industry is progressing and I love that. Now I am just waiting for the ultra conservative companies to hop on board. They will fight it as long as they can, but one day, they will all give in!

Promise to get out my post this week about my trip to Saint Crispins so stay tuned.

And on another note, for all of you in Paris/France, I will be doing another trunk show there on the 12th/13th of December for the Menswear Corner event. See links below for more details.

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

More Denim in Shoes - This time by Barbanera!

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