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If your goal is to have shoes that could potentially last you the rest of your and maybe even your children’s too, then Norwegian welted cordovan shoes will be the way for you to go. There really is nothing more durable and hard-wearing than that combination. And Skoaktiebolaget recently dropped four new models by Enzo Bonafe that fit that bill to a T! Now, for those of you that know me and my tastes, you know that I have never been a huge fan of either, but as I continuously age and my tastes seem to be constantly changing, I am looking at them in a new light. Not that I will ever become some crazed cordovan fan like the die-hard subscribers of that leather style, but the more I see versions of this type of shoe, the more that I am intrigued and could see myself wearing one for those rough winter days.


And believe it or not, my favorite of the bunch is the hatch grain derby model, as highlighted. Which is even odder as my least favorite shoe model is the derby and a clunky one at that! I guess the last two years have put me upside down. But nonetheless, while I am not a crazed cordovan nor Norwegian welted fan, for those of you who are, I know that you would appreciate this new lineup. And while Skoaktiebolaget likes to keep it relatively conservative in their color choices, it sure would be nice to see some of these options next year in a few more non-standard colors, like green and navy 😉 Here’s to hoping that they listen to that

Find yours here:


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