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While I am on the subject of impressive makers, one of my favorite Italian shoemakers that has gone under the radar for far too long, is Ducal Firenze.† I remember discovering them at Pitti Uomo Summer of 2014 (crazy how time flies as that feels like yesterday that I was there!) and being blown away by this shoemaker in an unassuming stall amongst the masses found at this trade show. I wrote a post about them then as I was thoroughly impressed not only with the craftsmanship but the amazing design that they do. See that post HERE. I was mesmerized†by the braided double monkstrap†(see below) and to be honest, to this day I am still am. It is probably one of the coolest shoes that I have ever truly seen. The design of it is next level and I would rock those in every color imaginable.


Well, even though you don’t see them on many blogs or in a ton of shops, they are still around and I think that they are even growing at that. I am pleased because again, I have a lot of time for brands out there pushing their ideas, their creativity and not selling out or just copying while making cheaper. Nobody has time for that! But finding them in a shop near you is challenging and I am hoping that this soon changes for them as I would love to see them get the recognition that they deserve as incredible makers making amazing shoes (to say the least!). If you are a shoe shop that sells multi-brand, take a chance on Ducal as I am sure your customers won’t be disappointed. And in the meanwhile, here is to hoping that they open up an e-commerce shop!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead and thank you all for reading

Justin FitzPatrick

3 thoughts on “Ducal Firenze – Exciting Italian Creativity”

  1. Hey Justin

    @joetailoring in Singapore carries Ducal.

    I have an MTO thru them and love the brand.

    The second pair looks inevitable.

  2. Hi Justin

    Ducal is available in Singapore thru @joestailoring.

    I have an MTO through them and love the brand.

    Second pair seems inevitable.

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