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There is nothing like a great, green pair of shoes!! I have two pairs and I love both of them. They are just so versatile. This pair by, Paul Smith, is my suede option. While this really can be worn all year long, I especially love wearing them in the Autumn. I just feel like the dark green color paired with the suede texture really corresponds to the feel of the fall and the types of shades of clothes that you tend to wear when it starts getting cold. They look especially good with a nice pair of dark denim and even look great with some casual khaki’s, like shown here. The contrast stitch on them adds a little bit of flair, allowing them to not be so monotone. While the dark green is a nice alternative to the normal shoe colors, a darker shade of any color, without any additive to it (like the contrast stitch) can make it just as plain as any old black or brown shoe. Like always, I love to see shoes in colors that differ from the norm and my Paul Smith’s give me a great alternative to the dark brown’s and black that I tend to wear once that rain and snow start coming!!

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