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As the summer time comes (if it ever really does here in London), my mind and sartorial inclinations are often being directed towards loafers, particularly suede ones. Walking past the Crockett & Jones shop in the Burlington arcade the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the new Teign model in green suede with crepe sole. While not properly captured here, the shade of that green was simply spectacular and even better was the addition of the crepe sole (Benjy – looks like they beat me to it!!), which simply brings forth a whole other element to the mix. Unlined and lovely, these loafers look like a good excuse to find your way into the shop for some unique acquisitions. And seeing this makes me proud of C&J, as far too often, have I walked by that shop and see nothing but a sea of black and the usual shade of browns. So to see a bit of green and blue suede means progress is about. Well done on them!

11 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones – SS2013 New Suede Loafer Collection”

  1. First of all, these are the nicest crepe soles I’ve ever seen, what with the visible white stitching throughout all the way to the outsole!

    Secondly, unlined suede!

    Thirdly, what a sleek last! Most crepe-soled shoes are chunky bastards.

    Lastly, the most perfect shades of green, brown AND blue!

    Probably the perfect pair of loafers in my eyes, it’s almost as if they were custom made for me! 290 quid seems reasonable for something as unique and well-made as this, especially from C & J!

    But you still have your chance bro, as they can hardly be considered as “dress”, lovely as they are! 😀

  2. 290 pounds is way too high
    but still much lower than some amazingly flimsy summer thingys- dont now what to call them- that were put on the market last year as part of paul smith’s ill fated collaboration with lobb.

    Check out for the Lucca “a light and flexible loafer, is a shoe for both indoors and outdoors. Lucca comes in lightweight full-grained calf suede, in auburn brown, slate grey, cherry red, ink blue and sea blue.” 🙂

    i saw it in selfridges and it was such an obvious rip off that when i joked around with the SA he readily admitted that almost none were sold

    1. don’t know about “way too high,” maybe around 250 would be a bit more ideal of a price considering it is both suede and crepe, and no calf is involved….but either way better option for comfy summer shoe than most around…that’s for sure!

  3. Hey there from Berlin !

    I did mail order a pair of the bottle green ones (C+J’s service was really prompt) and was walking in them for the first time all day long yesterday.
    I love the soft feel of the crepe sole and the sleekness of the shoe.
    The green suede… …well, Justin already put it right: It’s spectacular !

    For anyone who’s considering mail order, too: Please make sure that the shoe’s rather narrow width (they are available in one width only) will be comfy enough for your feet.
    Try on some C+J’s built on the same last, maybe at your local dealer.

    And then…enjoy ! Best Timo

  4. I like the green ones, but I’d prefer the stitching seen on the brown and blue shoes.
    On a side note, the leather trim is a different shade or should I blame the photograph?

    1. not sure what you mean, as I believe that the blue shade has the same stitch as the green one…as per the leather trim, well if you have not seen the comment below, allow me to say that simply by nature it will be very very hard to match the same shade from calf to suede due to the different textures of the material…

  5. Really nice loafers, but what is the advantage of crepe sole for summer? Why not single leather?

    Timo, thanks for an advice about fit.

    1. crepe is more comfortable for shock absorption, plus it’s a lighter color……while I personally always prefer leather to anything else really, I believe that most would see leather as non summer-y….trickery of the mind my friend….who is to really say one thing is better for this vs that??? It’s all preference and nothing more…

  6. John B:
    Looking at my greenies here I’d say the leather trim is slightly different in shade. It’s hard to judge even in real as the trim’s leather different texture reflects the light in a different way compared to the suede’s (and even if it was 100% accurate, it would always look slightly different because of that phenomenon).
    Take a look online. C+J’s pics are rather accurate. Both, Suede and leather trim, are nicely bottle greenish and work together pretty well.

    Being a lover of leather soles myself I have to admit that on these shoes I absolutely do not mind the crepe sole. Actually I enjoy their soft and silent walking properties.

    Best Timo

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