My Shoes #9 – Cole Haan

My Shoes #9 - Cole Haan

Over the years while working in retail, I was able to acquire a ton of free shoes. While I hoped to get Ferragamo’s, Santoni’s and all of the other shoes that I could not afford to just buy whenever I pleased, I usually wound up getting more casual, not-so-glorified shoes such as these Cole Haan’s. But it was fine, because for one thing, they were free, but also good for the simple fact that I needed casual shoes for doing casual things. It’s not always about dressing up and wearing brogues everyday. Sometimes the day calls for some Vans, Converse or anything that is easy and comfortable. For going to the Arundel Castle in the UK, the Cole Haan’s were the perfect option for a day of walking. And just because I am a snob, doesn’t make me a prude! For those who live in the UK, or plan on going, the Arundel Castle is a beautiful site to see!

My Shoes #9 - Cole Haan

My Shoes #9 - Cole Haan

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