My Shoes #21 – Sperry #1

My Shoes #21 - Sperry #1
On that note of American’s favorite summer shoe and Sperry’s, I just recently got back one of my favorite shoes of all time. For me, the navy blue and white classic Sperry boat shoe is universal! I can wear them with anything except a suit and the outfit will coordinate. And to prove just that, I decided to dress them up a little bit for this party that I want to and create an outfit that was one part English Dandy and one part classic American boy. That being, I had my Sperry’s and some jeans but then paired that with my button-up, waistcoat and bow tie. And the look seemed to hit the target because many people were diggin’ the outfit. So that just goes to show that if you are a proud owner of a pair of Sperry’s there are far more outfits that you could create rather than simply wearing them only with your shorts or chinos. Now, I just can’t wait to get back all of my other 7 Sperry’s that I have waiting for me in the States. But they are going to arrive just in time for summer so be on the look out!
My Shoes #21 - Sperry #1

My Shoes #21 - Sperry #1

5 thoughts on “My Shoes #21 – Sperry #1”

  1. Sometime find sperrys bit uncomfortable esp in terms of the width but can’t deny the superb looks-
    Also would like to express my appreciation for the advice u gave me regarding the Alfred sargents a while back-dint regret buying those wingtips!

    Cheers and regards erni

  2. Erni – glad to have been of service!! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

    Anonymous – That’s funny because your lack of intelligence shown based on your commentry just goes to show that you sound like your typical ignorant douchebag….

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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