You may read this blog, look at all of my ‘what I am wearing’ posts, and think that I am just some snob that wears nothing but high end shoes and ‘dress’ outfits, but in actuality I am quite a casual guy. I probably have about 10-12 pairs of jeans, which are by far my all time favorite type of trousers. In reality I am a jeans guy and prancing around in my G&G’s doesn’t really sit that well in a pair of jeans. So what do I wear with my jeans when I am out and about? Well, after graduating from Adidas and Nike, I moved up to the big boys sneakers: Vans and Converse, but more importantly started rocking boat shoes, and lots of them. In my heyday I probably owned around 8-9 Sperrys, but have since scaled back to about 3-4 pairs. That being, I was quite intrigued when I saw this pair by Buttero, as it gave a really nice twist on your classic boat shoe, with that contrasted jagged edge sole. I always love seeing brands try to recreate the boat shoes and how well their fare with it. Some like Buttero, do quite well as shown above, and others fail miserably…..

Picture Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff

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