For a while now, I have been eye-balling this style of shoe/boot but was having a hard time finding one that I really liked. That, in part, is because I am picky and secondly because a lot of the boots that come with this style of lacing, usually are accompanied by a super thick and rugged sole that I just don’t like. So when I found these, and the cheap price that went with them I had to get them! And what was even a plus is how unusually comfortable they are, for being just some kick-around cheap shoe.

What made them a great buy though, in the end, was the fact that they killed a couple birds with one stone. I was looking for something that I could commute to London in, that was comfortable but did not look terribly bulky (like sneakers) as well as something for this awful, rainy weather that we have been having lately. While they are not waterproof by any means (and probably not even real leather for that matter), they do have one of those tongues that are attached to the rest of the upper, not allowing any rain to get into the inside. Therefore, being comfortable, relatively rain-proof and let’s not forget, damn stylish, the second I saw them, I knew that I had something that I could enjoy and at the same time use to commute in. Efficient spending 101, all for just 66 GBP (~$100)

Shoes by Momentum

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