Many of you may know how much of a sucker I am for a nice boat shoe which probably stems from my lack of enthusiasm for flip flops, and therefore needing a solid replacement shoe to use during the hot months which seem to never come in sunny ‘ol England. But nevertheless, I do love a nice pair of boat shoes, and was therefore quite pleased when I saw this model by Calzoleria Giacopelli, which has undergone a slight makeover in color by Mr. Alexander Nurulaeff of Dandy Shoe Care. While quite different, it sort of reminded me of the first high end boat shoe that I fell in love with by none other than John Lobb. Since then, I have dreamed about being able to afford spending upwards of 500+ for a shoe that I would hardly wear and while that dream may takes years to realize, it still remains something that lives on my bucket list (don’t worry it’s at the very very bottom of that list, right after donating loads of money to scholarship funds!). But here I am still wearing my Sperry’s and Sebago’s (however not yet this year), while patiently awaiting the day that I am able to upgrade to the likes of a beautiful model such as this….

10 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Custom Boat Shoes”

  1. I get why you like these, with their unusual colour and that nature-imitating variegation. The leather is really quite pretty, and the shape ie elegant too.

    But you’ve opened this door of plastic and crepe soles before, and I will not walk through it; they are a smelly and unsightly abomination! That red piping, too, is quite vile.

    Apart from that, thanks for sharing and do have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. Hey Alexander,

    I’ve seen your blog and your web page; what do you charge for a complete re-colouring/patina like this? Just a rough ballpark figure would be great!

    Also, any tips on completely removing the stain from leather? (I have some old shoes I’m thinking of trying to completely re-colour as a home experiment)

  3. Dear Alex B,
    I think it would be fairer if you write to me directly on my email ( With great pleasure to answer all your questions. I would not enjoy the hospitality of Mr. Justin…
    Thank you and kind regards.

  4. Alex B – more than the color, I just really like the profile of them…

    Phillip – yea, it would be tough to justify anything more than 100 for boat shoes….

    Parfums – Indeed…

    Alexander – No worries sir, glad to show off your wonderful work


  5. I really like these. They are sleeker than normal boat shoes.
    They appear more of a cross between a boat shoe and a saddle loafer, rather than just a boat shoe.

  6. scott kingsland

    i went to the site to try to purchase the boat shoes but couldn’t find them. How do I get a pair?

  7. Scott – Sorry Scott, but I wouldn’t know to be honest. I thought that I read that they might have been specially made for a client, but you would be better off emailing the makers Giacopelli and referencing this post to show them what you what….best of luck


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