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This is a great example of how the details of a shoe/boot can help to separate itself from the rest of the competition. That being what you have here in this lovely JM Weston, is a semi-short (7 eyelets, as opposed to the common 8-9) oxford boot, that has an intricate stitching that acts as the heel counter, as well as the facing stitch, being connected all the way around. Another detail is the enlarged flap that hides the connection of the facing to the vamp (this is usually much much smaller in proportion). But what is most intriguing yet so elegantly unnoticeable and even less important to the integrity of the shoe is the lovely corduroy-looking fabric that was used to create the top-line beading. Subtly different, yet immensely unique and thus beautiful, at least to my eyes….This is the kind of detailing that I really love to see, as it shows that passionate thought was actually put into the production of this shoe, not just the common attributes attached to making the common model. That is so easy to think of. But doing something that is just slightly different, yet worlds apart, makes it that much more special to me….. What a lovely boot!

2 thoughts on “JM Weston Oxford Boot – Beautiful!”

  1. Ouf, these are wonderful boots indeed. There is a JM Weston store here in Brussels and I saw these boots in dark brown grain leather and I immediately fell in love with them. Shame that they are a tad expensive… 🙂

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