It is truly amazing when a client works with a bespoke maker to create something unique and even more amazing when it’s never been done before and still comes out like a work of art. And I must say that the gentleman that helped to create these stunning Antonio Meccariello ghillie spectators (as well as the green boots that I featured a while back HERE) is a man who taste in shoes makes me think that we have an identical mind (but his might be even sharper!). Normally when too many features are put into one shoe, it does not come out so great. But with this shoe, there are 4 ideas going on: 1. It’s a two toned shoe; 2. It’s a ghillie; 3. It’s a longwing u-cap with gimped brogueing and 4. It’s a balmoral. And yet with all of that confusion going on, it still came out extremely well done and beautiful. Well done to the man that commissioned these and I hope to see him wearing them in London on his next visit 😉

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4 thoughts on “Meccariello Madness (Or Should I Say Greatness?!)”

  1. And again I fully agree with you, Justin. At first glance you’d say there’s far too much going on in this design, but once you take good notice it all miraculousy fits together.

    A truly beautiful shoe. Again!

    1. Ghillies are a fairly bold choice even in a monochrome rendering. Mixing colours and textures takes that up a notch or three. Can’t argue with the results, though. Quite stunning. Props to maker and patron alike.

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