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MBT – Skercher’s Shape Up: Are You Kidding Me?

I have seen a lot and lot of ugly shoes in my time. I mean one’s so incredibly ugly that I would rather get ridiculed to my face by 100 people than spend a day in them knowing the thousand of terrible thoughts people are going to have about me after seeing me with them. And not that I really give a crap about what other people think about me, considering that I already wear bright colored shoes and I know that old people, as well as others, are always giving me dirty looks and nasty thoughts. But I literally had not known what the meaning of true ugliness in a shoe was until I came across the one pictured above. I practically almost threw up all over myself when I saw it and immediately felt bad for the first person I would see wearing them, thinking that they were doing everything they could to help support ‘their posture’ and all of the other crap that these shoes promise to provide!! Give me a break!!. Will we, Americans, believe everything we see or hear advertised? It’s a joke!!

They probably do provide lots of comfortable cushion, but all of the claims that they make to fix this and fix that are just preposterous. I guess it’s like the placebo affect. You get enough people believing what they are seeing and the outcome is realized more because of their belief than because of the actual product or what it is they are believing in. Where are the studies?? Where is the person who used to look like the hunch back of Notre Dame and now stands as straight as an iron board?? Where is this person, I want to see him/her?? I have to hand it to the business man/woman behind the idea though. They are geniuses!! Like Croc’s and Tom’s, they managed to create a butt-ass ugly product and turn it into a 100 million dollar business. My hat is definitely tipped off to them. But what makes me sad is the fact that all of these Americans are so easy to just jump on any old band wagon that they see everyone else jumping onto. Good thing there are not more people committing suicide by jumping off cliffs because as easily as the American population loves to follow what everyone else is doing we would have a drastic decline in the members of our society!

As you can see, they have managed to make this product out of almost every type of shoe there is: running shoes, casual shoes and sandals. The only thing lacking is an MBT or Shape Up dress shoe. For me it is pretty much blasphemy to even put those words in the same sentence but if I know a good business man/woman, then I know that that is what is going to be next. And I dread the day!!!!! If you happen to come across my blog, searching for MBT’s or Skercher’s Shape Up’s, absorb what I have to say and truly think about why you want to buy this product. If it is because you like the looks or the idea of a ton of cushion, so be it, buy these hideous shoes!! But if it is because you think that it is going to allow you to “get more by having to do less,” AKA cure your back pains and get a stronger back just by walking, then put on your common sense hat and use your brain a little! Don’t be dumb people, please!! You really believe that Tom’s is giving away one shoe to a kid in need for every one that is sold??? From a practical, mathematical and business standpoint, it is very unlikely that he continues to do so!! Use your brains……..

9 thoughts on “MBT – Skercher’s Shape Up: Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. couldn’t agree with you more! I remember the first time i saw an ad for them i really hoped that no one will buy into this crap but deep inside i knew people are going to fall into it…and unfortunately i see so many people everyday wearing these shoes and i just don’t get it! I wouldn’t have them on to save my life…i think i hate these shoes even more they you do….

  2. Believe it or not, these ugly “boat” shoes are quite popular in Switzerland. The combination of a price (and fashion) insensitive native population and a tightly regulated consumer goods market have resulted in MBT shoes being sold as high-end footwear! The Swiss, everyone from half-blind hunched-over old ladies to teenage football player-types, pay upwards of 350 Swiss Francs plus an additional consultation and fitting fee for these horrendous shoes.

  3. Samir – Now that is just sad….. business-wise, I cannot blame Skechers for coming up with such a brilliant idea to fool dumb consumers. Thanks for sharing.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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