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I look at these (and think about who they came from, two great companies) and can’t help but think that when the designers were thinking about these, they were either incredibly drunk or just wanted to take the piss (have a joke), big time! The funniest thing is that they were actually being considered, having been made up for the A/W 2010 collaboration between Sperry & Band of Outsiders. Yet, thankfully, someone intelligent put the axe on production, and they never saw the light of day. Nevertheless, I just can’t help but feel that this was just a big joke, because I am quite fond of both of these companies and the majority of shoes that they do, especially when it’s done together, and simply cannot fathom them doing anything this ridiculous on a serious level. I mean, seriously, imagine a grown man walking down the street with these on? It would be just plain wrong, not only for the amount of fur on them, but for the sheer impracticality of them, but I guess that never stops anyone from doing anything, like making mega yachts that are one mile long and cost $2 billion/year just to maintain……what kind of world do we live in?????

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7 thoughts on “WORST SHOES EVER!! (yet big laugh at the same time!)”

  1. Look, the very strange thing is that there would be guys out there who would be very found of these shoes!Perhaps the designer have thought of women as customers and for indoors use!

  2. paul van der hart

    If you compare them to the UGGs you see women walk around in, I’m not so sure if these are the worst.

  3. AFJ – Agreed..

    Anon – Don’t think that they were for women, as it was for the men’s A/W collection…even for indoor use, they would be absurdly stupid…

    Paul Van Der Hart – Worst shoes ever….for men….but yes, I know what you are saying…


  4. I actually had to wear fur ‘shoes’ like these on stage ten years ago. I played a slave in Verdi’s opera “Attila”, wearing a kind of jock strap of the same material, a shaggy wig, and carrying a ten foot spear. That was it – that was the entire costume.

    With those furry ‘shoes’ I felt like I was walking around with two dead cats strapped to my feet. My only thought through the performance was, “I can’t believe I am standing up here looking like this in front of 2,500 people!”

  5. Mmmm, I’ve seen women’s shoes with sheered (“whisper weight”) mink and black leather before that were lovely. Think very very soft buckskin. These…just look cheap. Wow, good laugh for the day. Thanks.

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