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Last June I was in Florence visiting a factory for my upcoming trainer line and managed to stop by to say hello to my friend Mario Bemer as I try to always do when in June. I was unfortunately just missing Pitti Uomo which is what he was preparing for. A part of that preparation was the launch of his new model, as seen here. I took a picture of it (as was immediately in love) but Mario told me that as they were for Pitti I could not yet publicize it. Then I went to the US, got a new phone and forgot all about this wonderful shoe in my old phone’s photo gallery. But better late than never, here it finally is. While this will most certainly be not for everyone, I must say that I personally love every aspect of it from the lack of fringe to the combination of colors and sole edging choice to the last that he chose and the rest. The hopsack like material was something refreshingly different than what you usually find so it is always nice to see people trying new things and getting them out there.

Mario does a great job about pushing the envelope of shoe design and adding an array of colors/materials to his shoes, which is exactly what his late brother Stefano did. Nice to see that he is carrying on the family tradition!

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