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Carlos Santos
 from Portugal has been around for several decades and are quite big in some parts of Europe and in Japan. But it wasn’t until the famous Swedish shoe store Skoaktiebolaget started carrying the brand that the menswear & shoe aficionados of the world got their eyes open to the very price-worthy shoes made in the large and effective factory hailing from Portugal’s shoe region São João da Madeira, just north of Porto. With a year of partnership behind them these two firms will collaborate together with an exhibition at the London Super Trunk Show this May 2017.

Carlos Santos makes both Blake stitched and Goodyear welted shoes, but at the event will focus solely on their Goodyear welted range. These are priced from £260/€300 which offers great value for what you are getting in return. Santos uses French leathers, mainly from the Hermés owned Du Puy and Annonay, and also offer an interesting patina service that allows you to customize the color of shoe you want. Carlos Santos and Skoaktiebolaget have developed several exclusive models for the store, many which will be displayed and sold at the event.

For those of you ready to make the jump from high street shoes or entry level British shoes like Grenson’s Indian made offering, Carlos Santos is a great choice for you to consider.

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