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Myrqvistis a Private Label brand of the Swedish online store Herrstil, who started their shoe initiative in spring 2016 with a campaign on Kickstarter. It was extremely successful, a total of over €70,000 was gained in the campaign and over 400 pairs of shoes were pre-ordered.

They have a close cooperation with the Indian factory that makes their shoes and regularly visit it, the same with a tannery in the same vicinity of where they buy the leather. Apparently, both factories are good both in terms of environmental work and the work environment, which makes them more expensive than many other shoe factories in India, but still cheap compared to Europe. This, in combination with the fact that you do not have the retailer step, enables them to offer affordable shoes.

****Edit***** after being contacted by the owner, he said that initially their shoes were made in Vietnam, moved to India but as of 2017 have moved production to Portugal and use Du Puy leather (the famous French tannery). This for me is a lot better than India so good news for all of you too, or at least it should be.

For only 180/€200 you get Goodyear welted shoes, made of full grain leather with leather board heel stiffeners. According to Jesper of Shoegazing blog, they are quite comfortable from start, compared to many other Goodyear welted brands, making them extra attractive for entry-level segment buyers. The range of models consists of the classics in different leather choices: plain cap toe oxfords, semi brogues, adelaides, chukkas, chelseas, penny loafers and so on. Read a review of Myrqvist here.




  1. Hey. It’s me, who was one of your trolls before being “converted” by your life story.

    I know your shoes are kind of expensive, but will someone for the love of god give Meermin some competition. I had high hopes for myrqvist. But they are/were made in India. Having an older Hugo Boss shoes, made in India, they really do suck. The Indian tanneries are not upto the mark as the European counterparts.

    I knew of Meermin through this blog, but please find or create something that will give them a run for their money. It’s like one way traffic with them. I have like 15 pairs of shoes with them. Their MTOs keep the collection growing. But I am getting tired

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