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Carlos Santos w/ Darkened Brogueing

Even though it can look pretty cheap, I have always loved the accent of a brogueing that has been darkened to the rest of the shoe. For me, it adds character to what otherwise can be a boring shoe. And maybe it is just because I am not crazy about lighter leather shoes like tan and the like and think that adding such accent makes them more wearable. I mean, I wouldn’t probably do it on a dark brown shoe, with black brogueing, but on a reddish brown shoe like this Carlos Santos for Skoaktiebolaget, I think that the darker brogueing helps give depth and character to what I otherwise feel would be a fun of the mill shoe that looks like every other reddish-brown adelaide on the market. And while maybe some people like to blend in, I personally hate to look like everyone else!

What say you about it? Yay or Nay on the darker brogueing?

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5 thoughts on “Carlos Santos w/ Darkened Brogueing”

  1. They’re nice. But what would be nicer, would be you covering Portuguese shoes. I don’t think you do that enough. They have great value and quality, especially for their price. I’d like to see more of that over here.
    Keep up the good work, Justin!

  2. Benjamin McGraw

    Those are absolutely beautiful shoes! Carlos Santos is known for having wonderful hand painted patinas. The wine-stain patina looks gorgeous on those adelaide. I really love Carlos Santos shoes. I believe they offer the best quality at that price point and are some of the very best mid-level luxury shoes one can find. They are actually much higher in quality than other shoes in the same or slightly higher price range. Most shoes are overpriced these days, while Carlos Santos’ shoes in comparison remain relatively underpriced for their inherent quality. What that amounts to is no pretention in that brand; just value and quality. The asthetics of his shoes are wonderful. They are elegant without getting too elongated in the toe-box like you see a lot of the more refined luxury shoes from Europe trend towards. Although this effect exaggerates a shoe’s appeal to gracefulness and elegance, it also diminishes functionality a bit, and becomes a bit contrived. Carlos Santos strikes a very good and natural accord between all these aspects. Affording elegance and grace, while preserving the natural humility of true aesthetic form in his footwear. It takes an artist to be able to speak through lines as subtle as those created through a collection of shoes. Carlos Santos and his designers are just such artists.

    I appreciate your articles! They are so well written and done. I like the photos you include. I am learning tons from you in the process. Thank you very much!

      1. You bet! You know, I’d come across your articles here and there, and they began openning up a world for me; planting a seed into my consciousness about the spending choices I’ve been making on shoes and clothing. Over time they’ve completely helped me to see shoes, men’s fashion, and even the fashion industry in an entirely new light. Your articles began me thinking about quality and longevity of a product instead of just immediate function without regards to how well it’s been crafted, and thus its impact on sustainability due to the current culture of rampant consumerism, fast fashion, and the waste it all creates. Taking care of quality, well crafted shoes that last for decades, is much more responsible than repeatedly throwing away a pair of shoddy, poorly constructed ones that won’t last.

        I have just recently seen a youtube video of your story and the inception of J. FitzPatrick Footwear. Very inspirational! Great job in making your dreams a reality and producing fantastic shoes. I wish you great fortune and every success! Thanks for all the wonderful information!

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