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Founded by Shaya Green, Exquisite Trimmings is a London-based online store offers an impressive range of accessories and clothing, from many of the most acclaimed brands in the world. Here you find ties from among others E.G. Cappelli, Calabrese and Drake’s, bags from Frank Clegg and Simpson London, umbrellas from Francesco Maglia and Mario Talarico, and much, much more. In some cases, like ties and pocket squares, Exquisite Trimmings has also developed a number of own products sold under their own name, offering great quality for the price.

For those of you familiar with the online shop but like to see/touch/try things in person, now is your chance to come check out the merchandise to get a first-hand look at it.

To learn more about the London Super Trunk Show 2018, click on the link that follows:


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