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This Saturday it’s time for the second edition of the London Super Trunk Show, held in the heart of London, gathering more than 10 superb exhibitors and hosting the World Championships in both shoemaking and shoe shining. Here’s some practical info ahead of the event, and how you who can’t join can follow the happenings online.

The eventtakes place this Saturday April 7 atThe Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, in the middle of Mayfair. We gather 10 very interesting shoe exhibitors:Barbanera,Clematis Ginza,J. FitzPatrick Footwear, Jsep, Japan Shoes Export Platform (Matsumoto,Miyagi Kogyo, Kanpekina and Kiten),Mario Bemer,Myrqvist,Norman Vilalta,Paolo Scafora,The Sabot(Meccariello, Yohei Fukuda, Andrés Sendra and Joe Works) andSkolyx/TLB.Main partner of the event is the shoe care brandSaphir, partners areExquisite Trimmings(accessories) andMes Chaussettes Rouges(socks). The event is open for everyone between 11.00-19.00, and there’s also places left for the VIP openingfor 150 pre-registeredalready at 10.00(e-mailsupertrunkvip@gmail.comto reserve a spot for you and your friends). Also part of the event is the award ceremony for theWorld Championships in Shoemakingplus all competition shoes will be displayed, and the final of theWorld Championships in Shoe Shining, where three competitors have 20 minutes to polish a Loake shoe as beautiful as possible.

Full schedule for the day:

10.00-11:00Trunk show VIP opening (FULL)

11:00-19:00Trunk show open for the public, FREE OF CHARGE AND NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.

15.00-15.30Final of theWorld Championships in Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Saphir.

17:30-17:50Award ceremony for theWorld Championships in Shoemaking, in collaboration withKirby Allison’s Hanger ProjectandMaster Shoemakers.

19.00Event closes.

In this large postyou find lots of more info on about all the exhibiting shoe brands and more, here below we go through some more practical info ahead of the event for you who plan to pay it a visit:

The venue is located on the second floor, with entry from the small street 26 South Molton Lane, up the stairs. There will be no mandatory cloakroom service this year, however, those who wish to hang their coats will have a wardrobe space for that (please note that it’s not under surveillance, we are not responsible for what you hang in the cloakroom).There are toilets on the same floor as the venue space. There won’t be any serving of any kind,but there’s plenty of places nearby if you need something to eat or drink.

At 10.00 we open for those who have pre-registered for the VIP opening. After 11.00 it will be open to the public, and we carry on all day until 19.00 in the evening. Last year we had 800 visitors during the day, at times it was a bit be crowdy during around some exhibitors tables, be prepared for that, have patience, respect each other and it will work out just fine.

At each exhibitors table, there will be a bench, mirrors and in most cases carpets. All exhibitors will havea lot of samples on display. Many of the exhibitors with RTW shoes will have shoes to be sold on site, and all will take orders. If you try on Ready to Wear models, please only wear them gently on the carpets, don’t walk away with them in the venue. The partners will also sell their products during the day. Mostexhibitors will accept credit cards, some will use mainly PayPal for the transaction. In some cases there are exclusive offers during the day, so keep your eyes open.

There are two sessions at the “stage area”, World Championships in Shoe Shining between 15.00-15.30, and the award ceremony for the World Championships in Shoemaking (where top three share a price sum of 6,000). The stage area is located in one corner of the venue. There will be bar tables for the polishing contestants and jury presenting winners, and for the audience in front we’ll have some benches, and behind that, you’ll have to stand. It will be crowdy, with limited vision, be prepared for that. This year we have a much larger sound system than last year, to meet the big crowd gathered, we hope people will hear good.

All shoes in the World Championships in Shoemaking competition shoes will be on display the whole day. Please, if you lift them up, do handle them very carefully, and put them back in the correct position (each shoe will be numbered, since they aren’t branded, there will be signs with the maker and its number). We trust you to show these shoes the respect they deserve.

We aim at live streaming from the scene happenings at 15.00 (British time) and 17.30, here on We are not 100% sure it will work out (depends on the wifi stability), but hope it should. It will also be lots of films coming out later made by shoemaking championships partner Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project, and likely from others as well.

In social media we’ll use the hashtag#supertrunkfor the event, please use it when you post pics in social media. And it’s a great way to follow what happens and see lots of nice shoes, for those of you who can’t visit the event.

Looking forward to another great shoe day, and hope to meet many of you on Saturday!

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