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Barbanera†hit the market a few years back (around 5), founded by two Italian pairs of brothers. A bit unorthodox approach to the classic shoe world have gained them recognition worldwide. Barbanera‚Äôs shoes are manufactured in the Tuscany region of Italy, in a factory specializing in Goodyear welted shoes, with leather from some of the finest Italian tanneries. The shoes are made with closed channel stitching and a slightly bevelled waist. Their RTW range starts at around £430/‚ā¨500, and at a small upcharge you can have personalized Made to Order shoes made.

The style of Barbanera‚Äôs shoes is quite special, almost as charismatic as the men behind them. Sort of a mix between old school 20‚Äôs styles, motorcycle boots, rock n‚Äô roll and Western-style boots. A lot of suede and a lot of two-tone shoes. As many Italian brands, they manage to make really comfortable shoes, even if they are in most cases Goodyear welted. Last year many visitors found their shoes highly interesting, and they were one of the brands that had most shoes sold at the event which comes†at no surprise to me.

They are one of the few brands out there, truly making things to their liking and no one else’s. I say that in the sense, that when they design something it is something that they would wear. They are not making things because it is what the customer wants. They are making what they want to wear and then sell it. And for me, this takes a lot of guts and is something that I greatly admire about them! Keeping on rocking Barbanera!!!

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