Barbanera has recently dropped a new unlined collection of loafers that is surely set to leave most of you desiring to grab a pair, as not only do they look incredibly comfortable but also have a very nice cut and silhouette to them. I am particularly fond of the tassel loafer one. I wish I could lie and say that I have a favorite, but I really see all three colors serving completely different purposes. Being that I have 40 pairs of suede loafers, the dark brown deerskin just might take the cake by sliver, as I do not have anything like that and know firsthand how incredibly soft and supple deerskin is.

The question is, which pair is your favorite?

These start at €420 and the unlined collection is actually Open Channel Blake Stitched, and not welted as are their other models. They wanted to create maximum flexibility and comfort (for those who find it in flexibility).

Make sure to check out all that Barbanera is doing. They have come a long way from their beginning and have an amazing collection of clothing, too. I am really proud that they stuck it out following their passion and doing things very different, very ‘THEM’. It has paid off in a big way and I look forward to seeing all of the new things they continue to come up with!

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

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