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If there ever was a story about taking your passions and turning them into a menswear brand, that story would revolve around Barbanera as they have managed to do this to a T without being afraid to push the envelope and mix ideas that were so far from each other that no one other than Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone would have understood. And that style is the culmination of American Western meets Italian Flair.

I have been friends with the Barbanera boys for a long time and I must say that I could not be happier not only for their success in general but for how far they have come doing it ‘their way,’ and taking no prisoners in the process. And that, I respect more than one can imagine.



After years of building their image and tying it all together seamlessly, it would appear that the hard work has paid off with their first street-level retail shop in Milan which they just opened today. For years, they were off the beaten path in a tucked-away showroom outside the very center of Milan. And now just a stone’s throw away they have forward-facing windows that passersby can admire and enter without an appointment.

While not situated directly in the thick of the retail district of Milan, it is a very close walk. I have done it many a time. And if you happen to visit Milan, I suggest you do it too. Not only does Barbanera make great products of great quality, but the brand is run by great people that stand for something and in this day and age, that is more important than anything else!

My hat’s off to the gents behind the Barbanera Brand.

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