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It’s super refreshing to see a unique creation that looks good and that one can obviously see that thought and passion was put into it. I know that I say this all of the time but its what keeps me passionate about shoes. I lose my interest in footwear when all I see is the same crap being rebranded at a cheaper price. Its boring. It lacks passion. Its just business for the sake of business but without care of said business. And thats sad in my opnion and what destroys the shoe industry.

So when I see shoes like the ones in this post it makes me happy. Happy to see creativity and unique pattern design. Happy to see good looking shoes. Maybe not for everyone’s taste but objectively beautiful for not only its creativity but for its craftsmanship.

These loafers here are among the most striking that I have seen lately. They are all apart of one design that I love 1. Bit loafers, 2. Braided Loafers and 3. Loafers with detailed piping. But took all of these ideas and did them so unique different to what you typicall see in the industry.

1. The Braided loafer by TYE Shoemaker of Japan, with its intricate weave only being done on the front and heel parts of the shoe. And if you look carefully they somehow managed to out a different color of suede to denote what would be a cap line. True thought and creativity went into that.

2. The Two-Tone Brown penny loafer with white accents. Subtle yet striking elegance presented in this loafer by @bespokeshoeworks of Instagram. Also from Japan. I have always loved a loafer like this but hard to get one RTW that is done well. I must get one!

3. The Bit loafer with Longwing U-Cap brogued design with unique bit piece by Koji Suzuki for The Armoury. This is probably my favorite of the three simply for how many things were blended to make one super cool pair of bit loafers. I love the daring nature of this loafer and how striking it came out in this vivid blue suede. I have to tip my hat to Koji for this one!

I hope that you have all enjoyed seeing these. I also wish you all a wondeful weekend!

-Justin FitzPatrick

4 thoughts on “Loafers Done Differently”

  1. I love Braided Loafers. They provide comfort and style greatly. Anyone can create an impression with those. Nice article admin. Loafers’ images are very sleek in design.

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