This boot, by Japanese bespoke shoemaker TYE Shoemaker, is easily the most unique and intriguing boot that I have ever seen in my life, that presses the boundaries of bold yet not going overboard becoming ridiculous.

Everything about it is jaw-dropping. The quality is 2nd to none. The color is the best purple I have ever seen. The pattern is phenomenal. The idea is perfect. The pairing of braided suede on a double monk boot: genius. Everything about it screams amazing to me. And prior to this, truth be told, I wouldn’t have thought about wearing purple footwear. But I would rock this 6 ways from Sunday!

And I have said it before and I will say it again. Thats what I lobe about TYE shoemaker. They make stuff that would otherwise be crazy, become amazingly phenomenal!

Let’s not forget to praise the customer for this one too as I am sure he had some say in making this greay piece!

6 thoughts on “The Most Unique Boot Ever – TYE Shoemaker”

  1. In is his heyday in the 90’s Stephane Kelian used to make amazing woven leather shoes which were exremely comfortable so I’d imagine that in addition to the looks these ones would be equally if not even more so comfortable.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks for sharing RT. Woven suede is indeed very soft and yes I can imagine these breaking in to feel like slippers!

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