Andante Shoemaker Impresses

Andante Shoemaker Impresses

I have always loved an apron loafer that has a separate piece/material for the apron in contrast to the surrounding leather.

The first time I ever encountered one so beautiful was back in London, on Savile Row to be exact, in 2012. I was coming out of bepsoke tailor, Chittleborough and Morgan, saying hello to my friend Joe Morgan, when I noticed Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones coming in to enter C&M with a pair of Cleverley Bespoke Stunners that were navy calf with a light blue suede apron. — For those that do not know Charlie Watts is known for being one of the best dressed men on this planet– My jaw dropped and I almost went against my ways and approached him to say something. Keeping my composure though, I simply admired in silence and kept it pushing as I left a burning engravement of those loafers in my brain, telling myself that I would too have a pair one day.

While seeing a picture on the internet is nowhere near as good as in-person image capturing, I felt almost as awe struck when I saw these loafers by Japanese shoemaker Andante.

I absolutely love the color/texture combination of them. It is very unique and I always been intrigued by elephant hide. Although I would only personally use them knowing that the elephant died of natural causes. However, knowing the honor code of the Japanese cultural I imagine that this would be the case.

And as you can see, one gentleman with exquisite trousers, seems tl be pleased with them. Cant wait for that trip to Japan. I will afford myself a pair of bespoke shoes when that day comes. The question would then be, which make do I go for?!!

Andante Shoemaker Impresses

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