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A year ago I wrote about my good friend Christian who was on the brink of launching his own line of shoes and for those that like fun things to be on the look out, as he was a man with a mission to offer something fresh and unique. That he did, and one year later, his brand is still plugging on and hopefully getting bigger and bigger. Based in Melbourne (but London born and bred), Christian Kimber is one of the most stylish guys that I have met and it shows in his shows. With a taste for classic models (loafers and chukka boots) that have a dash of flair, I would say that young Christian shoes are right up my alley, and most likely (as you read this blog) right up yours too! Anyway, he has recently released his new collection of shoes that involves a lovely two tone loafer where the strap and/or piping offer a contrast shade to the rest of the shoe. Clever? Yes!! Love the brown ones above with blue, as well as his implementation of canvas! Well done on you Christian!

Christian Kimber shoes Christian Kimber shoes grey suede loafers Christian Kimber shoes Chukka boots Kimber-Shoes blue suede loafers Kimber-Shoes grey suede loafers Kimber-Shoes rust suede loafers Kimber-Shoes tan suede loafers Kimber-Shoes grey suede loafers Kimber-Shoes brown suede tassel loafers Kimber-Shoes green suede tassel loafers Kimber-Shoes rust suede tassel loafers

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