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It’s so close that I can almost taste it and I can’t decide on whether or not I am fully prepared or a million miles away. It’s so surreal, as I have been dreaming about having my own shoe line for over 6 years now, that it doesn’t seem possible. And even though I am set for a March (fingers crossed) launch, I still have so much prep work to do, especially for getting them into Gieves….. I will be heading to my factory at the end of January for one last quality control check, just to make sure that what they intend on sending me meets my obscenely picky standards. Hopefully I don’t miss anything!! I think that with these last pics, you will have finally seen the entire collection with the exception of just two models: the triple stitch cap toe in medium-brown and my semi-brogue with medallion in dark brown suede. I can only hope that all of you have seen at least one model that you like. Whether or not you purchase it, well that’s another story! 😉 Anyway, here you are, please enjoy and if you have not already, please tick one option on the poll that I have created and put on the top right of the page. Thank you!

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18 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick Footwear….Nearly There Folks!!!”

  1. Congrats Justin on sticking to your dreams. Love the Balmoral and looking forward in seeing your shoes when I’m in London

  2. There are definitely more than one model I’m interested in.. There will be a purchase soon (once I have decided and my credit card is liven the kiss of life from the Crockett and jan sale.)

    Thank god for burgundy too.. But the one of of this bunch I like is the brogue. It’s only grey in this post but will it be in a mid brown or even a tan. I’m going to be looking to purchase a pair for the spring/summer and either something like that or your tan cap from the other pictures would be perfect.

    I can’t wait to see them in person to decide. I can definitely attend a launch party.

  3. I voted “I would love to but I don’t live anywhere close” but that could change depending on my wife’s work schedule. I’m only an hour outside London.
    Best of luck with the launch.

  4. Good looking collection and differentiated at that. Can’t make a middle of the week launch party but should in Europe then to come on the weekend to get a couple pairs. The blue suede on the boots is perfect. Best wishes and congrats for following your dream and not an office job!

  5. Congrats my friend. The best thinkg in the world is when our dreams become reality. My favorite one re the second from top to bottom.

  6. It’s looking great, Justin, and I’m delighted for you. End of Feb/early March I might well be passing through, so a definite “maybe”!

    As for finding “one”, hahaha. I’m trying hard to get my wish list down from eight. 🙂

  7. Justin,
    The details of these shoes such as the closeness of the welt to the sole and the waist are excellent. The toplift being closer to 1/2 rubber than rubber tip is much safer I believe than the traditional English heels with all the nails we have previously discussed. I love the colours especially the purple/green wholecut, the brown suede loafer and brown wholecut loafer. I don’t know why people don’t make more cocoa/ milk chocolate coloured leather shoes, they are sooo much nicer than British country browns.

    I was depressed after not mail ordering a C&J handgrade loafer on sale, but now I’m glad I didn’t get them! Now I have to make a choice between one of the aforementioned wholecuts or loafers. Hope you have plenty of size 7 UK!!

    Looking foward to more information on the type of leathers used and sizing,

    Best Regards,
    Peter (from Australia).

  8. Ohh, forgot to mention that I find the percentage of shoes in this collection that I would contemplate purchasing much higher than other decades and centuries old brands of England and Italy! Take note, this is how you do interesting and new design while maintaining subtly and elegance without being trashy and lairy. Oh, and present a high quality reasonably priced product at the same time. Well done. Peter (Australia).

  9. OK number 4, are the wholecut loafers with the medallion on the same last as the suede loafers with the grain? And with this slipper type last do you ever have any problems with the trouser falling behind the ‘tongue’ of the shoe? Sometimes its annoying when one trouser cuff falls properly and the other catches. Thanks, P.

  10. AlexG – Thank you so much Alex, and thank you for being a long time follower of the blog!!

    Adam Jones – thanks Adam!! My brogue will come in grey, black, burgundy and dark brown. Look forward to meeting you in person at the launch party!

    Laurence – I hope that it can change my friend. Always love meeting my readers!! Thanks for the kind words.

    MarkLA – Thanks my friend!!

    Awp91 – Thanks for all of the kind words. I will look forward to seeing you on a weekend then!! Glad to know that you like a few of them.

    Anon – Thanks you my friend…yes it’s so surreal that it is all happening but also so great!!

    Alex B – Eight huh!! I will help you out! Price Albert for sure!

    Luis – Thank you my friend! Glad that you like them!!

    Peter – Thanks for all of the kind words Peter!! I am also happy that you did not get that C&J! More spare cash for my shoes 🙂 Leathers used are French calf skins (box & vocalou & Crust) from Annonay and Du Puy tanneries, suede from England….

    I am happy to hear that you my collection ‘refreshing’ from other past collections. I worked very hard to offer a bit of fresh air, things that are classic but slightly different….

    The pre-order (with a discount) will be off the blog, through Paypal, and then after that everything else will be through Gieves & Hawkes’s online page.

    No the loafers are on two different lasts, one rounded and the other slightly chiseled…as per the problem with the cuff, well I don’t know as my trousers are slim and I never have this problem anyway….but it shouldn’t be an issue…

    Ramsay – Thank you my friend!!

    Andreas – No unfortunately I will not, not now…maybe in the future when the line is more successful and my cash flow is stronger…

    Simon – yes, more of a merlot though, with reddish hints, not quite as dark as Aubergine…

    Richard – I appreciate that my friend. Thank you!



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