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Dear All,

This weekend I will be participating in a pop up event at the ever so chic and cool Hoxton Hotel. It looks to be quite a fun event with a lot of up-and-coming young businesses in London, such as myself! There, I (and the rest of the attendees) will be offering exclusive prices for our products that will not be seen again. While I unfortunately will not have my shoes for sale, I will be displaying a few models from the new collection should you wish to come check them out. Or if you are low on shoe accessories, this will be a good chance to get that a great price. While I can’t claim to know all of the participants, I can say that many of you might find Sharp & Dapper’s products appealing, such as there sock suspenders (look crazy, but work great! – shown below) as well as their lovely braces (as also shown below). I have also attached a couple pics here of some of my pre-order shoes that I have been shining…It’s funny, but I think that my shoes look a million times better with a shine on them…but then again, I guess most shoes do!

As for those that have pre-ordered, please know that I am doing my best to work through all of your shoes. I did about 70 pre-orders and need to shine them all, so you can imagine how long it is taking while at the same time, I have to do the rest of my work. Some models were late in arriving, so if you have yet to hear from me, it’s probably because your shoe (or one of them) is apart of that late bunch. But I should have everything received by early next week, at least I hope so!!!! Thank you for all of your patience and please also know that I want to get your shoes to you as soon as possible!!!

Look forward to seeing all those who come to the pop up event…should be a great time!

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