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As many of you may know, I have finally launched my very own shoe line after many years of hard work and build up. To celebrate the occasion, Gieves & Hawkes at No. 1 Savile Row was kind enough to host my launch party, as my shoes will be selling at this location exclusively for the time being. For those of you who came to the event, I truly thank you for the support, and for those who would have liked to attend, well I thank you as always for the moral support that you provide me and my goals, on a daily basis. I feel very blessed to know that so many of you were eager to come and support this special day for me and I can only hope that over the years, I can provide through my brand, a returned favor of great product, information and customer service.

I hope that you all enjoy the pictures and I look forward to seeing all of you have been eagerly awaiting the launch of my line at Gieves & Hawkes, where you can always find me!

(Caution: PICTURE HEAVY POST!) — Pictures by Adam Priscak for WatchAnish

15 thoughts on “The J.FitzPatrick Launch Party Night”

  1. paul van der hart

    I wish you all the best with your enterprise! I hope you had a fun night (by the looks of it its was!)

  2. It was a great night and I was so glad I attended, there was such a wide range of people there which just shows the range of appeal.

    Also seeing that video from the previous post in the presence of you family and friends does highlight how much has gone into this.

    I thought I would comment for those who are thinking of buying a pair and have not had the fortune of physically seeing them.

    I must say before I saw the collection i thought they would be ok.. I was wrong. The quality of these shoes is fantastic, not fantastic for a shoe polisher come blogger having a go! but real quality.

    In this price range the comparable brands are the likes of C&J, Cheaney and most church etc. Well these are better than most that comes out of cheaney and church. The uppers are equally as good as c&J. The bit that impressed me most was the edging and the quality of the finish there and on the soles, almost as good the C&J’s handgrades I was wearing (handy as I could compare)

    I cannot wait to have a pair, nearly bought some on the night but probably not wise on the wallett at the moment! (justins fault in a way my CC is full up with a pair of Edward greens)

    As with all brands not all of the range was to my taste however I must also say unusual for ANY shoe brand, there was not one “Ugly” shoe.

    Good luck Justin, I will certainly be reccomending my friends, and until I can find a pair ill make do with the laces!!

  3. Congratulations. You should feel proud of your accomplishment. I know what it takes to start a business and follow your dreams, and you should be commended. The fun is just beginning! Best of luck.

    Next time I am in London I will be sure to stop by.

  4. Sorry to have missed it, my friend. Did I spot a Christian Kimber in there?!

    Love what you’re doing and thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Congratulations Justin,

    looks like a great turnout for you and I hope the business side was good too. Couldn’t make it unfortunately but will pop into G&H next time I’m in London to say hello!


  6. Justin,

    Congratulations and well done. It looks like you all had a great night and you certainly deserve the success.


  7. hi justin, ive got a question regarding goodyear welted shoes and construction techniques. ive read certain bloggers discuss gemming on RTW goodyear welted shoes which is explained if i understand it correctly as the process of using a piece of canvass which is glued to the insole and this piece of canvass or gemming is stiched to the welt. if this is true these bloggers claim the shoe is no better than a cemented shoe as all that is holding the insole to the sole isa bit of canvass which has been glued down. its claimed pretty much all the rtw northampton makers do this now … is this true? does this undermine the quality of a shoe (it certainly sounds cheap and nasty) as the sole and upper is not really one stiched piece as most believe to be the case (a handmade shoe would have the sole stiched to the insole using just the welt i believe). here is one blog which goes thorugh this … sorry to ask this on an unrelated post but i came across it and was a bit surprised to read this stuff.

    Cheers, Sunil

    post no 34 is the one which talks about this issue.

  8. Hi Justin,
    This was an excellent initiative!!!!!!
    A great idea too for having posted the pics! I really enjoyed watching them! By the way, a very cosmopolitan group of attendees. This is exactly what we expected from guys braced to move onto the world stage!

  9. Many congratulations my friend. I will pop in one day to meet you in person and purchase my very own pair of your finest. Bravo! Mustapha

  10. Dear Readers – Sorry that I cannot respond to each post individually this time but I just want to thank all of you for your comments, your constant support and for all of you whom came to the party to celebrate my shoe range. It means a lot that you did so and it also means a lot to those who were there in spirit, basically all of you who read the blog faithfully!! Thanks again for everything and I will look forward to meeting any of you who happen to come to London, at any point in the future.



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