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For the month of December, J.FitzPatrick Footwear is offering an exclusive deal on their new JF Line. Built for an entry level pricepoint and look, with classic models in classic color offerings the JF line presents itself as the perfect option for the newbie to welted shoes and/or the man who gravitates to the classics.

With prices starting at $255, you can get three pairs of shoes for as low as $510. If you can find a deal better than that elsewhere, well, you are the master of the deal! But, it will be hard to do as this deal is next-level exclusive.

Loafers at $255

Oxfords/Derbies/Monkstraps at $275

Chukkas at $295

Boots at $315

Add three to your cart and the 3rd (lowest priced one) will zero out to be FREE. Imagine that! It is a great way to gift a pair of shoes this Christmas, so check out what is available and happy shopping!

***this deal is exclusive to the JF line, through December***

2 thoughts on “JF Line by J.FitzPatrick – 3 for 2!”

  1. Hi! The shoes look gorgeous! I need to wear orthotics, and was wondering if the insoles come out so I can get orthotics in. Do any of the shoes accommodate that?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you Moses! The insoles are not removable like Eccos or something similar. They have thin sock liners that can be ripped out but it is not like the size of an orthotic. The insole is made of leather and fixed in place.

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