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We have just reached the two week mark since starting our Winter Sale and with that are further reducing our discount in the hopes to flush out the rest of our stock and thus make room for our heavy order of S/S2016 stock.

That being we have made a 2nd markdown on all shoes, now going to 50% off and our boots to around 40%-45% off full retail price. Not only have we reduced price but have also added two new products to the sale, one being the Holman in tan scotch grain that you see above and the other being the Montlake in Snuff Suede (which would make for a terrific addition to your wardrobe for the upcoming in S/S season), of which you can see directly below.

And driving loafers have been reduced to 90, so get them while you can!

Remember that most of what you see on sale will not be coming back and if it does (in the case of our core products in Antique Brown leather), it will be in the case of having a new leather (i.e. Museum Calf) and will be back at full price, not to get discounted again. So now is your chance to snap up some lovely shoes at an incredible price.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s support in our brand and vision and wish you all a great rest of your week!


Justin FitzPatrick, “The Shoe Snob”

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