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What we love to do at J.FitzPatrick Footwear is take classic shoe models and put our twist on them. So often have I loved the idea of something but didn’t like the execution of it. We have done this with Duck boots, Alpine boots, Button boots, and now we are doing it with the classic Horsebit loafer, popularized by Gucci in the 80’s.

The Pike horsebit loafer is our version of the classic model that took the industry by storm many many years ago and although traditionally made by Italian shoe companies is actually a staple piece of footwear for the American menswear culture! Most notably apart of New York City scene of footwear. You don’t often see this in Europe, but I don’t know why because when done tastefully, can be a very elegant loafer.

Its classic yet elegant nature allows for ultimate versatility for any professional man’s wardrobe. Our Pike version adorns a smaller buckle, much more subtle in nature than is most often seen and thus more elegant and sleek. Made on our TMG last, this combo of sleek last/sleek horse-bit is a win-win for making this an easy to wear option. The Pike can easily transition from suit to a night out, keeping you elegant and well-kept looking the entire time.

We have launched a PreSale on this classic loafer. As usual for PreSale’s, we are offering a 20% discount in exchange for your order. That puts them at $300 / Ł272,  which is a great deal, to say the least!!

Some things to note:

–We are offering sizing between US6 through US13  (UK5 to UK12), with half sizes between for the PreSale. Remember that US6, US6.5 and US12.5  (UK5, UK5.5 and UK11.5) are usually MTO so do take advantage of this as they will go away when the PreSale is over.

–Free US shipping starts for orders above $400 so add a shoe tree and matching belt to qualify. These are both at 30% at the moment so now is the time to take advantage of that discount!

Please note that these will arrive from up to 4 months from the end of the PreSale, which is April 15th. We know that this is not ideal, but if you want to save 20% it’s the way to grab your pair early and assure a great price on them!

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Justin FitzPatrick

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3 thoughts on “The Bit Loafer by J.FitzPatrick Footwear”

  1. I feel that this twist isn’t very pleasing. I like your other work, but the micro bit just isn’t flattering. It seems it’s something that someone at Steve Madden (and Allen Edmonds) would do. It’s not easy. Even one of the greatest designers, Tom Ford had trouble updating the Gucci bit loafer drastically. It’s easier said than done and I don’t blame you for attempting it. But if Tom Ford didn’t do Anything drastic, it probably is a timeless look that will only look weird with any twist.

  2. Steve WIERHAKE

    I was never a fan of the Gucci version, but your new model looks nice – for those that want a horsebit decoration on their shoes. I don’t happen to want metal decorations on my shoes – but that does not mean I don’t think your design is attractive.

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