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The January Winter Sale is now over and we thank you all for your custom. More JF shoes on the feet of men around the world always makes me a happy camper and I hope that all of you†enjoy your shoes for many years to come!

We now enter our ‘Pre Order Sale’ for the 9 models that we are discontinuing,†at 30% off. Some of you have already ordered your pair and we will get those ordered this week to arrive in up to 4 months. But for those of you who somehow missed that marketing, we are giving you another 2 weeks to get your order in before this 9 models become future MTO purchases.

Many of these shoes have been classic models for us that have been with the brand since Day 1 so it is sad to see them go, but a great opportunity for many of you to get your pair at a great deal of 30% off before they next come with an upcharge.

Things to note about the Pre-Order Sale:

1.†We have added sizes US6, US6.5 and US11.5†for all of you to order with the MTO fee and with a discount. This is a huge opportunity for those of you that take this size as we usually have to charge you an added fee to make a pair.

2.†Shoes take up to 4 months†to make from the day after the sale finishes. I.e. FEB 25th 2019.

3. Button hooks†DO NOT†come included in button boot purchases. They must be purchased separately

4. As we are discontinuing these models, and will therefore no longer be stocking them, Pre-Order purchases†cannot be refunded nor exchanged.

Lastly, just in case it was missed, all of these shoes have a Pre-Order discount of 30% off and the sale will end the morning of February 25th, 2019

As always, we are here for any questions so please feel free to write us at for any questions you might have.

Thanks as always for all of your support

Justin FitzPatrick

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