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It’s that time that we make our2nd markdown and that is now live.

What was at 30% off is now at40% off.

All core models and sneakers have stayed at 20% off and new A/W models are still at 10% off.

Remember that there won’t be another discount on core products until Summer so now is your chance to pick up our classic models!

Getting the 40% off discount is solely for in-stock products though on the discontinuing models

Our preorder service is still only offered at the 10% for new AW stock, 20% for core and sneakers and 30% for discontinuing models. When you go to the 9 models that we are getting rid of and see the prices, they will vary between what we have in stock, at 40% off and what we do not have in stock and are allowing for preorder, sold at 30% off.

As always, for any questions please do not hesitate to write

Happy Shopping and a great weekend to all!

Justin FitzPatrick

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