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The J.FitzPatrick Footwear Spring/Summer 2017 collection is finally taking form and we have a lot of new stock to offer. Therefore this years’ Pre-Sales will come in several rounds due to the amount of not only new models but the array of new colorways in some of our core, classic models.

For this first round of Pre-Sales, we are offering mainly our core range products but in new colorways, with the exception of our full brogue model, McClure, which we are very excited about and comes in the lovely Walnut Museum Calf. There are not too many ways you can really set apart a full brogue from the next but what we hoped to achieve with ours was a certain fluidity of the pattern (i.e. the lines and how they flow with each other). If you notice carefully the wing cap line extends to the quarter, following the quarter line perfectly.

As with all Pre-Sales we like to offer something a little bit extra with each purchase, so what you will find is that all Pre-Sales purchases come with a complimentary pair of Alderwood shoe trees.

The Pre-Sale will last one week (so, next Monday at 8am ends) and we hope to have all stock ready to ship by the end of March, or at the very latest early April.

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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