Shine Your Heart Out! – L’art Du Glaçage

Shine Your Heart Out! - L'art Du Glaçage
Some of the most impressive shines I have seen in recent times –again thankfully discovered due to Instagram– are by a young gentleman who works in Switzerland for Brogue Shoe Shop. His IG tag name is @lartduglacage and I promise if you follow you won’t be less than astonished by the gleaming shines he adorns some of the finest shoes in the world. And just look at the teaser that these three pictures are. Shines so good, not only can you see the reflection you can almost make out the face!! (see blue pair). That’s impressive! And even though I used to shine shoes like this, if he were near me, I would probably take all of my shoes to him, not only for the fact that he just might be better than I was, but also because I have simply too many to handle!! So, if you are like me, appreciate a good shine, have lots of shoes and no time to shine them, well Switzerland is only a shipping charge away!

Shine Your Heart Out! - L'art Du Glaçage Shine Your Heart Out! - L'art Du Glaçage


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  1. Amazing shine. Does he use any product that is materially different than what you (Justin) would use? I have tried to follow your instructions on proper shoe polishing and have had good results – but not close to those examples!

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