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2017 has been a tough year on many levels but probably the best year yet in reality, as I learned a lot about life, struggle, appreciation, the fact that life goes on and feel that I can finally get back up on my feet and again start becoming the person that I want to be. Although appreciating my time in Europe, the people that I met, the experiences had, my business developed, and most importantly my beautiful son created, I can say that I am glad to be back in the US where I feel the closing of one chapter is behind me now and the beginning of the next is about to begin. It’s a bit scary no doubt, but one that I look forward to, in continuation of my ever-invigorating rollercoaster of a life that I lead.

Many of you have been with me since day one back in early 2010, nearly 8 long years ago. And to all of you, I truly appreciate your long-term support. You have seen the ups and downs of the blog, the transition of my life unfold onto a screen, the journey that has taken me far and wide and I thank you for sticking it out. To those more recent, well these last few years have not been the greatest, as my business has continued to grow and I have found myself with less and less time to dedicate as I once did to the blog, the site that is meant to be here to help everyone with the complex world of shoes.

I won’t promise that this year (2018) will be better than the last few but I will promise to never give up on the blog and to continue to do my best to get back to where I once was with longer, more informational posts about the industry. I think that typing is my problem and I really need to get into video, in order to fit more information into a shorter piece of media (i.e. time taken to create). But as stubborn as I am, let’s see how long that takes to make that transition.

Nonetheless, I wish you all very Happy New Year and again thank each and every one of you for all of your support in the blog, my brand, and myself over these last few tumultuous years.

And to leave you with a piece of footwear as one would do on a shoe blog, please find here my favorite boot of the year from some very up and coming Russian shoemakers. Their version of the Alpine boot, one that is very attractive, elegant and of superior quality. By Migliori Shoes –


Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from The Shoe Snob!”

  1. Nice to see everything is going on, Justin. Much I’d like to see you here in Europe I’m glad you’re doing well in the US. In the meanwhile, keep up the good work (for niiiiiice shoes’ sake) and… never give up.We NEED you and your (well, mine… now) beautiful shoes. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Hello Justin I am so to say fan of your stuff,and i know that you realy know what you talking about,but i wonder why you recommended Migliory shoes from Russia?I my self from Russia and i ones considered buying their shoes they look good and so on,but turnes out they not welted or stitched in any way they just cemented.So i thought may be you dont know about that or cemented good to or may be these particular pair are stitched?

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