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Saint Crispins boots for me
A sneak peak at the boots that I designed and had made by Saint Crispins, a review to come in the new year.

Dear Readers,

Yet another year comes to an end and as always this day allows us, if not but for a moment, to reflect on the last 365 days and think about how/what we will do to make the next 365 even better. I feel that since starting the blog, a lot has changed in the shoe industry and for the better. What used to be a very conservative sector full of boring stuff, I feel like has flourished into something a bit more fun and daring. People are taking more chances in their purchases, as are the companies in their offerings and I must say that I feel proud, even if to think that I only inspired but a handful of people. It shows progression and that for me was my ultimate goal in starting the blog.

Continuing on with this idea of progression, I have a few predictions on what we might see a bit more of in 2015. The top 5 are as listed below:

1. Button Shoes/Boots
2. More burgundy overall: suede/grain/leather everything
3. More fabrics/cloths being utilized
4. Oxford Boots, boots in general – a thought to the Victorian/Edwardian eras
5. Two/Three – toned shoes

Let’s see if these things happen. I will at least have a go at a few of them, so count on that!

Anyway, as always I truly appreciate everyone’s support, not only in the blog but also in helping build my shoe and shoe accessory brands. Without all of you, none of my ambitions/goals would be coming to fruition. Thank you very much, truly.

Oh, and here is an article some of you might be interested in by Timeless Man of his Cleverley fitting:

Happy New Year!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2015 Predictions”

  1. We’ll done. I discovered your site about a year ago and I can say it is one of favorites (apart from a few more work oriented, dealing with economics). The boots you designed are stunning – I would wear them.

  2. Happy New Year Justin! It has been a pleasure to watch your progress, creations, and trips to see all the lovely shoemakers. I wish you only continued success and joy!

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