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There are plenty of people in the US that want patina shoes. I am sure that Dandy Shoe Care’s largest client base is the USA. Yet there not have been so many patina artists stepping to plate and really becoming the US version of Dandy Shoe Care. And maybe because it is hard to beat DSC’s skills as one of the masters of the industry so people are willing to spend a ton of money to ship their shoes to Italy.

Nevertheless, one young and very skilled up-and-comer will soon start making waves and here is the start to that. Gregory Park, of French and Korean origin and hailing from Paris, is now located in New York City and offering patina on a private level to anyone who wants, far and wide. His name on Instagram is @hancore and you can see that his base of patina work came from French inspired patina’s as that is where he was trained. But his skill level goes beyond what you typically find of French style patina as he proved on a pair of braided leather balmoral boots that I gave him for a customer that wanted a pink boot.

And needless to say he absolutely crushed it, going above and beyond what I thought he might be capable of. Glad that he proved me wrong!

Greg is a very nice young guy and I am wanting to see him do well. So am hoping that you all give him a try next time you are thinking to get something done. Just look at what he did for me, not to mention his other works, as shown. And he can even do suede despite not having any examples of that

His prices start from $100 for shoes and boots from $150.

Give him a shout at or at his IG page @hancore

Happy Patina Shopping!

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