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Greg Park, aka Hancore, our in-house patina artist that hosts his own business inside our NYC shop in Soho, has been making some really cool patinas lately and I wanted to share them all with you.

As you can see from the photos that although stationed at our shop, he does his work on shoes of all kinds and in reality, can do any leather good, even mass-produced Nikes and whatnot. So it is not limited by any means.

Edward Green Shoes

The beauty of patina is the amazing transformation that can occur on a pair of relatively plain and boring shoes, for a small price in exchange for an incredible outcome. You can see that in the pair of Allen Edmonds that was beyond boring before Hancore gave them life. And that is just the tip of the haystack with his abilities and what can be done. His ‘museum’ style patinas are really cool and among my favorite. I love what he did on the Edward Green pair (above and below). I also like his abstract work, like on the suede loafers and the button boots.

And if you really are not into patina, but like to give some depth to a plain calfskin shoe with a nice burnishing, well naturally he does that too.

The service starts at $120 for patina and $90 for heel/toe burnishing. So if you have a pair of old-faithful that you want brought back to life, like a model by a maker but they do not have the color you want, well for a little extra Greg can make that color for you or bring back to life your favorites that need a spruce-up.

Enjoy the shoe art!

Greg Park aka Hancore Patina Services


Edward Green Before
Edward Green After

Allen Edmonds Before
Allen Edmonds After

Stefano Bemer After
Stefano Bemer Before

Alfred Sargent After
Alfred Sargent Before
Alfred Sargent

Crockett & Jones Before
Crockett & Jones After
Crockett & Jones After


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